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  • “To live without you, only that would be torture.
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  • Gomez : Cara mia.
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  • Gomez replies, "It's French, and I don't care who says it", but after awhile: "Will you take it easy with the French? I'm feeling a little conflicted here".
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    Oct 11, 2022 · What does Gomez say to Morticia? “When we are together, darling, every night is Halloween.

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  • May 9, 2023 · Does Morticia love Gomez? In The Addams Family, Gomez and Morticia Addams appear to be the epitome of a healthy relationship in terms of their love for one another and their communication patterns.
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  • Gomez : Cara mia.
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    Morticia : Oui.

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